“Mark is a great therapist; thoughtful and welcoming, supportive and insightful. Utilizing warmth, curiosity, and gentle humor, Mark connects strongly with his clients and helps to guide them to a place of self-discovery, acceptance, and chosen change. Mark’s diverse experience and training allow him to take a well-rounded, versatile approach to therapy, meeting each clients’ specific and individual needs.”
-Vanessa R. in Los Angeles

Growing up, I struggled with low self-esteem, fitting in and the pain of my parents’ divorce. My anger and confusion came out in a lot of different ways—most of them unhealthy. As an adult, I felt stuck in a film and television career that never seemed right for me and often left me hopeless and depressed. Meanwhile, I was flailing in the dating world, which only added to my anxiety.

Something was missing. I traveled in difficult times, nourishing myself with new sights and surroundings. Wandering among strangers in faraway places, I reconnected with the feelings of curiosity, courage and awe that I lacked, and rediscovered the perspective I had lost. A journey back to center had begun.

Today, I’m much more aware of problems before they happen and quicker at catching them when they do. I’m a husband and a father now, so having more structure in my life helps, but I’m also communicating better, taking more risks, being more vulnerable and sticking to my goals. I still face moments where I worry I’m not good enough, but I’m able to overcome them quickly and get back on track.

I’m proud to live and work in Willow Glen, where I feel part of a very real community and can help serve my friends and neighbors. When not practicing therapy, I enjoy feeding my inner hippie lots of yoga and Burning Man and advocating with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist’s Grassroots Advocacy Team. I am the father of two rambunctious young boys and the husband of an engineer in tech whose job I am hopelessly clueless about.

913 Willow St. Suite 103
San Jose, CA 95125
(424) 291-2898

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